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Château de Méliris

The Château de Méliris – the perfect manor house for your stay in the Ardennes!

This magnificent manor house for 18 people is conveniently located on the N4 about fifteen minutes from Marche, La Roche, Saint-Hubert and Bastogne. The Château de Méliris is also just an hours’ drive from the cities of Luxembourg, Namur and Liège, and thus available for both private and corporate events.

A pleasant and comfortable stay

This outstanding venue offers accommodation of the highest standard comprising 9 double rooms, each with their own private bathroom, enabling you and your guests to enjoy a truly memorable stay in optimal comfort. The manor house is also equipped with wellness features which include a jacuzzi, sauna and indoor swimming pool.

Château de Méliris: Living spaces

A superb fitted kitchen in a matte-black style which wonderfully complements the manorial character of the property, will provide a chic, contemporary atmosphere to welcome your guests. There is a games room with a billiard table and a cosy lounge which invites you to relax and chat, as well as a veranda with a wood stove and comfortable armchairs where you can rest and recuperate. In addition, there is also a magnificent entrance hall tailor-made for those wedding or seminar photo sessions.

Near the Two Ourthes Nature Park

The Château de Méliris is near the Two Ourthes Nature Park, a protected natural setting in the Ourthe valleys where you can access many outdoor activities. Just a few minutes from your château entrance hall, you can walk or cycle along the park’s many woody paths.

You will be staying close to the Forêt de Freyr, the largest forest massif in the Belgian Ardennes. It is an absolute joy to witness the onward march of the seasons as they slip past the old stones of the château.

For family occasions or weekends with friends

The Château de Méliris is the ideal place to host a family reunion or spend a weekend with friends. Its surrounding one-hectare gardens will ensure you can relax in peace and feel totally immersed in the world of nature. The château and all its facilities are designed to promote a relaxed atmosphere, which is why party groups are always discouraged.

Make this historic mansion your home for a week, or even a weekend: its double rooms – each with their own private bathroom – are spacious, comfortable, and designed to make you feel at home.

For seminars, training courses and team building events

Those attending seminars or training courses are always very sensitive to the atmosphere and energy of each particular venue. Thus, having made the effort to source an external location, it makes sense to capitalise on this by creating a positive team dynamic. So if your company has set aside a few days for targeted work or training, it’s also a good opportunity for colleagues to recharge their batteries while learning new skills.

The Château de Méliris is perfect for hosting corporate events in a chic, but never ostentatious, setting. Your workforce or trainees are sure to respond positively to the comforts afforded by this stunning location in the heart of the countryside.

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