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Château de Lihérin

The Château de Lihérin, a property featuring authentic décor

Perched on a valley hillside bordered by vast woodlands and situated in the province of Luxembourg in the commune of Gouvy, the Château de Lihérin (or Lihérain) – also known as the Château de La Laide-Fagne – is a treasured estate whose construction dates from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Unlike most other château properties from this period, the Château de Lihérin is built on the site of an old Roman villa.

The Château de Lihérin estate occupies a secluded countryside location 45-minutes’ drive from the cities of Luxembourg and Liège. The perfect place for a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this 19th century property and its surrounding outbuildings provide your accommodation at the heart of a sumptuous 8-hectare property.

Ideal for a wedding, a family reunion or a corporate event, the Château de Lihérin can accommodate up to 260 people in its large reception room and allows 66 people to stay in fully renovated and equipped rooms.

Château de Lihérin: Facilities

The Château de Lihérin is a superb character property which has managed to incorporate all the comforts modern facilities can offer whilst retaining the charm of the original structure. Today’s visitors will find the château can accommodate up to 32 people in 16 double rooms – guests need only put down their luggage, take possession of their allocated rooms, and start taking in the magnificent views. Each room has its own private bathroom facilities and offers a level of comfort and privacy worthy of the finest private establishments.

In terms of living space, it’s really just like everyday life… in a château! There is a spacious dining room adjoining a modern, fully-equipped kitchen, several lounges and smaller sitting rooms, a magnificent period fireplace, and a library where guests can retire in peace to simply let time stand still. The château also has a private swimming pool and a wellness area equipped with a jacuzzi and sauna.

A luxuriously renovated period farmhouse

The old château farmhouse has been renovated to accommodate 34 people in a luxurious setting. It has 17 double rooms, each equipped with a private bathroom, allowing guests to relax and unwind in optimal comfort. The farmhouse location is simply magnificent with breathtaking views of the trees and parkland. The farm accommodation has its own private entrance plus a fully-equipped wellness area with a spa/jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool to delight your guests.

A residence under renovation

In 2024, another new outbuilding will soon enable the Château de Lihérin to accommodate up to 32 more people, in 16 double rooms, each equipped with their own private bathroom. This new facility will also have its own wellness area with a jacuzzi and sauna. As a result of this expanded capacity, the Château de Lihérin will then be able to accommodate up to 100 people for one or more nights, offering a standard of comfort second to none.

A 260-seat reception hall

The property includes a beautiful reception room for up to 260 guests. This room comes with a professional kitchen your service providers (cooks, caterers, etc.) can utilise to facilitate the optimal delivery of your particular requirements. The reception hall opens onto a terrace where you could host an outdoor cocktail party on sunny days – an ideal arrangement allowing your guests to enjoy the view and soak up the atmosphere of the 8-hectare park before their meal. This pleasant option which is also very popular during the long summer evenings, because it allows guests the freedom to enjoy both the interior and exterior of the château.

The Château de Lihérin and its Baroque features

The stunning château restoration has preserved the charm of its mullioned windows, slate roof and Baroque-style decoration. Inside, your guests will appreciate the sumptuous décor, the charm of the carved wooden panels and mouldings, as well as the huge Louis-XVII-style mirrors. Meanwhile, up above, elaborate painted ceilings and crystal chandeliers – the hallmarks of French Classicism – provide an elegant finishing touch.

The Château de Lihérin: A relaxing natural landscape

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Château de Lihérin stands amid the peaceful charm of the Ardennes natural landscape. Strolling along its wooded pathways, there is nothing but birdsong to interrupt your daydreams. You’ll have 8 hectares of wooded parkland to explore via carefully planned walkways. Wandering among the trees, you will be lulled by gentle breezes rustling the leaves, coaxing you to relax and unwind in the refreshing open air.

The château and the farm can be rented together or separately.

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